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JustBlue is an environmentally friendly supplement to your water care system.

JustBlue will help you keep the water in your spa clean and safe in in a simple, easy way.

JustBlue works hard to prevent and remove calcium build up in your spa. These calcium deposits are the medium which facilitate the growth of biofilm ( bacteria and micro-organisms).

By removing the calcium your sanitization system will work more effectively and you will experience cleaner and softer water.

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Usage JustBlue:

Usage instructions

Add JustBlue to supplement your current water maintenance program.

For spas equipped with Onzen, Core Salt, Essential Salt or Classic Salt add JustBlue monthly in accordance with the information given on the chart below.

For spas with traditional sanitization systems add JustBlue weekly.

  1. Shake JustBlue well before use.
  2. Add JustBlue to you spa’s water according to the chart attached.
  3. Turn pumps on high for 2 minutes to circulate the water.

For more information email: justblue@arcticspas.com.


Just blue usage table with measurements

** for other brands of spas please contact your local Arctic Spas representative for instructions.

*Please note – This product is only available in North America.